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Amalgamation of the mens and ladies club

16TH. JUNE 2017


The club has been in negotiation with England Hockey over the past year, in an attempt to gain their support for the replacement of pitch and the improvement of other facilities.  As part of these negotiations we became aware that in order to receive England Hockey’s support with developing the club, we would have to formally amalgamate the men’s and women’s clubs.

At the same time the women’s club has been struggling to attract and retain members.  There has been a problem in the administration of the club.


The General Committee of the men’s club has debated the situation and it is felt that it is in the interest of the men’s club to make an offer to amalgamate the two clubs into a single unit.

The membership is therefore asked to approve the amalgamation of the two clubs.

Note; In informal discussions, the women’s club has indicated that is in agreement with the proposal and will be putting a matching resolution to their AGM.


Julian Hickinbottom




Preston HC

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